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Animals amaze us every day with their endless capacity for devotion, loyalty, trust, and willingness to help others. The least we could do is provide the same in return. Brody's House is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for animals...because we owe them that much. 

When Brody's House was founded in 2010, we knew we wanted to help animals in any way we could. But like so many other animal advocates, we were overwhelmed with the range of issues and problems that need to be addressed. We narrowed our focus to domestic animals, but even then, the task was daunting. From finding homes for rescues to preventing animal cruelty to making sure struggling families can provide adequate food and care for their pets...the issues seemed endless. We weren't sure where to start, so we started with one animal at a time. 


We have helped animals in all sorts of situations since we began. We have found them, or more often they have found us, in various ways and they have all needed something different. We've rescued cats and dogs from unsafe conditions. We've provided medical care for rescues that need a little extra help before going off to their forever homes. We've managed several communities of feral cats. We helped a group of homeless people to get their animals neutered and vaccinated. We've donated time and money to various events, causes, and organizations that help animals. We have done these things--and continue to do so--all over the country. We are not limited to one city or region. While much of our work has been in those states where our board members reside, we happily look for animals to help anywhere.


Over time, it became obvious our strength as an organization is in our flexibility. Rather than pick one single issue or focus, we like to say we're here to fill in the gaps. We continue to support all of the amazing organizations out there working so hard for animals, while also filling in where necessary to catch the animals that might otherwise fall through the cracks. While we have grown and evolved over the years, our core goal remains the same: whatever an animal needs to achieve the best quality of life possible, we want to find a way to help.

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